Fallout Inspired Belt and Holster Set

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This item is created and shipped by Fan Fiction Props.

This is a Fallout inspired gun belt and holster set. Made to fit the 10mm replica from Traywick Designs(must have the option of the scope for blaster to sit into the holster correctly). Keeping with the look and feel of Fallout I used different items that might scavenged in a wasteland type setting. The buckle is an old tarnished looking brass side release buckle, the leg strap closure is made from a motorcycle chin clasp, different mismatched colored hook clips attach the holster to the belt using large eyelets. Belt and leg strap are adjustable. This is made from 100% leather. Comes with the 3 functional pouches you see. (if you get the optional shoulder harness it comes with 3 additional attached pouches).

Your purchase does NOT come with the 10mm replica or costume . You are only buying the Belt and holster set from me. The other items are there to show what this holster was made to fit or how it might look on a costume.

If your looking for the amazing replica of the 10mm gun please look over in the Traywick Designs section.

Instructions for measuring for this Belt are sent after purchase.

Thanks for looking!