Coex 3D

All of our kits are printed with Coex Filament. Not only is it the single best filament you will shove down your throat, they're also the best bunch of guys you could ever hope to do business with.


Just really appreciated everything they do and make. Please let them know we sent you.


Fan Fiction Props is now our exclusive partner for all leather goods designed to fit our models. If you're looking for a standard or custom holster or belt you will find no better then Michael's work. We have collaborated with him for over 8 years on hundreds of projects.

You can now contact him or view his products directly here on our website!


Wulfgar Weapons and Props now sells all of our models fully assembled and painted! So if you're not sure if you can do the assembly and painting or just don't have the time, James and his team can handle all your needs. As always you can still buy the ready to build and paint kits from us.