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Demo Videos - check out or youtube @TRAYWICKDESIGNS

PPK Model Demo

New PPK Model Kit

Features: Spring loaded trigger, Slide, Hammer and trigger guard

The Mandalorian Rifle KIT

The Mandalorian Rifle

Features: Spring Loaded Trigger and Chamber. Quick removable scope, scope lenses. Room for electronics

NEW Samurai Edge KITS

These are our new Samurai Edge kits.

Features: Spring Loaded Trigger, Removable Clips

Double Barrel Sawed-Off Pistol

This is our new Double Barrel Sawed-Off pistol

Features: Scale 1:1, Independent Spring Loaded Triggers and Hammers and a Break over Barrel.

Terminator 1911 (1984)

This is our new Laser scoped 1911 Terminator Pistol from the original Terminator movie. Features: Spring loaded trigger

Ebony and Ivory

Our new Ebony and Ivory KIT

Features 1:1 scale and spring loaded trigger

Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1873

Our new Chamelot revolver KIT.

Features a spring loaded trigger and hammer, Spinning Chamber, Flip open load lever and 6 replica bullets

Mandalorian DT-10 Custom

This is our new Mandalorian DT-10 custom blaster.

Features a spring loaded trigger along with a hollow scope and leser engraved scope lenses. 

Schofield 1875 Model Kit

This is our new Schofield 1875 model Kit.

Features a spring loaded hammer, trigger and a spinning chamber, along with a break-over latching barrel.

Volcanic Pistol Replica

Our new Volcanic replica KIT features a spring loaded trigger, hammer and cocking lever.

New Tobias Becket Blasters

DG-29:Has a swing open barrel, interchangeable clips and spring loaded trigger.

RSK-44:Has a break over barrel, interchangeable clips and spring loaded trigger

New Vash Model

Stampede & Badlands versions: They have a spring loaded trigger and hammer, spinning cylinder and break over barrel!

Director Krennic Blaster

This is the new version of our Krennic blaster model.

Features: Spring Loaded Trigger and cocking slide. Breakover barrel and removable clip.

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