Book of Boba Fett Inspired Belt and Holster Set

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This item is created and shipped by Fan Fiction Props.


This is a belt, holster and pouch set inspired by the one Boba Fett wears in the Book of Boba Fett series.

The Belt is made from 100% Leather and all pieces are cut, dyed and hand stitched together to ensure the utmost quality. Leather thickness ranges from 2/3 oz. up to 5/6 oz. Pouches are functional and closures are secured using military Velcro. They can also be moved around. Buckle is functional and a hybrid, 3D printed solid and sturdy with a steel rod inserted for durability. Also uses large 23mm magnets for closure.

You ONLY get the belt/holster and 2 pouches with purchase and NOT the blaster or cylinders. The loops and gun holster are made to fit the Traywick Designs blaster and cylinders. I can ONLY guarantee these will fit accurately. You can purchase these from the Traywick Designs section. 

***Instructions on how to measure properly for the belt and holster leg strap are sent after purchase. Thanks for looking!

Feel free to check out this video on YouTube going over more details of the belt.