Leon Kennedy Inspired Costume Shoulder Holster

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This item is created and shipped by Fan Fiction Props.


This is a Costume shoulder holster and belt pouch inspired by the one Leon Kennedy wears in the video game Resident Evil 4.

The holsters are made from 100% Leather and all pieces are cut, dyed and hand stitched together to ensure the utmost quality. Pouches are all functional and closures are secured using heavy duty leather snaps. 5/6oz leather is used for the set. 

You ONLY get the shoulder holster and belt mag holder(if you choose that option) and NOT the replica pistol, knife, clothing or mags. 

All holsters, and pouches are made to fit the Traywick Designs Silver Ghost pistol, Custom knife and spare mags. (These are the only ones I can guarantee will fit correctly). Please see these sets in the Traywick Designs video section.

 Thanks for looking!