Mandalorian Inspired Costume Belt and Holster Set

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This item is created and shipped by Fan Fiction Props.


This is a custom leather belt made in the style of a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter from Knights of the Old Republic. This was made to fit the Mandalorian Blasters by Traywick Designs. (The Old Republic blaster and the DT-10)

The Belt is made from 100% Leather and all pieces are cut, dyed and hand stitched together to ensure the utmost quality. Pouches are all functional and can be removed. Belt can be ordered in either a single holster or a double/dual holster style. Combine with my Mandalorian shoulder harness for the ultimate bounty hunter look. Also here.

Your ONLY getting the belt/holster and pouches with this sale and NOT the blasters.

For a great blaster replica please see the Traywick Designs Section.

Instructions on how to measure properly for the belt are sent after purchase. Thanks for looking!