Mandalorian Inspired Shoulder Harness With Thermal Detonators

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This item is created and shipped by Fan Fiction Props.


This is a shoulder harness rig inspired by the Mandalorian bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe.

Harness is fully adjustable in all areas to guarantee fit for any style costume or armor. Made out of 100% leather, this comes with 2 thermal detonators, finished and painted and 6 cylinders.

You DO NOT get the Fusion Knife or Blaster Rifle with purchase, just the thermal detonators and cylinders.

The Fusion Knife kit and Blaster kit can be purchased from the Traywick Designs section.

Harness does have a attached hook on the back right side to hang any rifle with a D-ring(A quick attachment one is provided with your harness however you will need to purchase a swivel sling screw if you have not purchased your kit from Traywick Designs.)

I also offer a EE-3 stock sleeve as a option, for hanging that particular blaster rifle on the back of this harness. The stock sleeve was designed to fit the Traywick Designs EE-3 Blaster kit so this is the only blaster I can guarantee it will fit.

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