Resident Evil Vendetta Inspired Costume Belt

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This is a Leather Costume Belt inspired by the one Leon Kennedy wears in the Movie Resident Evil Vendetta. I've always loved the look of this belt so glad to finally offer it.

The belt is made from 100% Leather and all pieces are cut, dyed and hand stitched together to ensure the utmost quality. Leg closure is secured using heavy duty leather snaps, and main belt has a heavy duty metal buckle.

You ONLY get the costume belt with purchase and NOT the replica Sentinel Nine.

Side holster is made to fit most larger replica toy pistols. (In the movie he used a large Desert Eagle). Back holster is made to fit the Traywick Designs Sentinel Nine. (This is the only one I can guarantee will fit correctly). Please see the Traywick designs section for this great kit.

Thanks for looking!