Uncharted 3 Inspired Drakes Deception Ammo Bandolier

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This item is created and shipped Separately by Fan Fiction Props.


This is a  ammo/pocket bandolier set inspired by Nathan Drake's in the game Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. This has been one of my most requested pieces for awhile.

This is made to order and made of 100% leather. Everything is hand stitched and dyed to ensure quality. Bullets are modeled Ak-47 rounds and printed in PLA plastic. Snap flaps are functional and bullets can be removed. Pockets on the backside are all functional as well.

With purchase you get one ammo bandolier with inserted AK-47 replica plastic bullets and one pocket bandolier. The holsters can be buckled together to wear to give that Uncharted look. You DO NOT get the shoulder holster, replica toy gun or rest of the costume shown in the first two pics. ONLY the Bandolier. The costume is just to show how accurate the Bandolier fits. Shoulder Holster is listed separately for purchase. Please see the Traywick Designs game/movie Inspired section for great Uncharted kits. 

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